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So that we are on the same page …

The word stress or the phrases such as “.. I am a bit stressed …” or even “ … I'm stressed out …” are frequently used to signal that one is extremely busy and is reaching out for a little recognition.

However, stress is a burden or pressure which comes together with a feeling of uneasiness. If this does not apply, then we are simply dealing with lot of work or things to do. Contrary to stress, the activation one feels in this case is satisfying and stimulating.

Stress is the perceived discrepancy between demands and the capability to cope with them. Stress represents a lack of resources like of time, money, abilities, overview, support, self-confidence and so on.

Causes of stress

Stress can be triggered in all areas of life, but most particularly in one's job, relationship and personal environment (e.g. noise, traffic etc.). Another source of stress is major life changes, especially if one cannot influence the circumstances or at least perceives that one cannot.

Stress has a detrimental effect on one's work, motivation, quality of life, as well as on long term health.

Jet lag stress

A special form of stress is caused by disturbance of the circadian rhythm by travelling through time zones. The symptoms range from fatigue, sleep disturbance and mood shifts to depression.

Dr. Peter GRÖSSENBRUNNER of as a long-haul pilot and health psychologist has particular experience for the counselling and treatment of people and groups suffering from this syndrome.

Counselling and therapy offers individual treatment and therapy with:

  • Solution-oriented brief therapy according to de SHAZER
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Behavioural therapy

Relaxation technique introduces the following relaxation techniques:
  • Self induced relaxation
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Biofeedback
  • Breathing control

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